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Master Any Skill Quickly With Dave Farrow Memory Program

Give me the next 30 minutes, and boost memory for quick recall of the first 10 American Presidents and memorize your grocery list.

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You’re not alone if you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions. Many of our members faced these same challenges before joining my program.

Your Brain is a Learning Machine you just need the right tools to unlock its full potential

The Farrow Memory Program is more than a course; it’s a transformative experience designed to elevate your memory retention and application. It’s about securing vital information in your mind, ensuring it stays with you, and enhancing your professional insight and personal life.


This program will guide you through the innovative techniques that led me to become a two-time USA Memory Champion. But it’s not just about sharing my success story; it’s about equipping you with practical, proven methods to boost your memory skills.


Professionals across various industries have benefitted from these strategies, experiencing significant improvements in recall, efficiency, and overall cognitive function. This knowledge isn’t just powerful; it’s transformative.


Are you ready to embark on a journey that reshapes how you remember and process information? Join the Farrow Memory Program, where lasting memory enhancement begins, and enjoy the benefits:

Industry Experts Adopt Dave Farrow's Revolutionary Memory Techniques

Greg Reid (Award Winning Author)
Alex Mullen (Memory Athlete)

Kal Penn (American Actor)

Jerry Mathers (American Actor)

Thailand Today News Crew
Judson Jackson and Kathy Svilar

Media Spotlight


What is the Value of This Memory Course?
Let's Do A Little Math...

If implemented correctly, the knowledge and techniques you learn here can transform your professional and personal life.

Think about the financial benefits. Say the program saves you 2 hours every day. That’s 10 hours a week. If you value your time at a modest $30 per hour, you save $300 weekly, which adds up to $15,600 a year. And that’s just the start.

So, is the program worth it? I’ll let you decide that.

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Farrow memory professional Course

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Access to the full 7 week program.

$997 Lifetime Value


Unlock $3,991 Worth of Lifetime Bonus Material for FREE! When You Purchase the Dave Farrow Memory Course Now!

Bonus #1

Global Learning COMMUNITY

Connect with a community of learners, share your interests, and COMMIT TO PERSONAL GROWTH.

$897 Lifetime Value

Bonus #2

Genius IQ Test

Discover your cognitive strengths with our Genius IQ Test! It's a quick, insightful way to pinpoint areas for growth and guide your learning. Start your journey to intellectual growth today!

$329 Lifetime Value

Bonus #3


This powerful combination enhances memory retention, sharpens focus, and boosts productivity by leveraging your brain's natural rhythms and transforming abstract information into vivid, memorable images. Perfect for professionals who want to outperform, outlearn, and outshine in their careers

$247 Lifetime Value

Bonus #4


Receive a printable digital certificate upon completion of the course and pass the final quiz.

$195 Lifetime Value

Bonus #5


With this cloud drive, you will have INSTANT ACCESS to Dave Farrow’s most valuable insights, tips, and latest techniques.

$547 Lifetime Value

Bonus #6


In this audiobook, Dave shares his proven methods for tripling Memory using Farrow Memory Method .

$240 Lifetime Value

Bonus #7

Genius AI Bot

MIND-BLOWING NEW FEATURE Take advantage of our cutting-edge algorithms and PERSONALIZED recommendations based on your learning style to ACCELERATE your learning and achieve BETTER RESULTS.

$849 Lifetime Value

Bonus #8

Learning Expert

A DEDICATED LEARNING EXPERT from our team will reach out to you after you join, offering a PERSONALIZED CALL to understand your unique learning requirements and TRACK YOUR PROGRESS.

$687 Lifetime Value

$4,988 in Total Course + Bonus Lifetime Value 

GET All These LIFETIME Bonuses When You Purchase Now

Normal Retail: $4,988

LIMITED TIME - Just $497

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Dave Farrow's Personal:

If, within 15 days of beginning the Farrow Memory Program, you don’t feel a substantial improvement in your memory capabilities, I assure you of a complete, no-questions-asked 100% refund.


Think about effortlessly retaining critical information, leaving a lasting impression in professional settings, and grasping complex details with clarity. This can be your new reality with the Farrow Memory Program. 


Our goal is your cognitive empowerment. My team and I commit to improving and revolutionizing your memory skills and elevating your career and personal life.


We believe in transparency and ease for our participants. Should you find the program not aligning with your expectations, the process for a refund is easy and immediate. Simply reach out to, and we’ll ensure a prompt, hassle-free refund on the same day.


Embark on this transformative journey – the Farrow Memory Program awaits. Ready to redefine the limits of your memory and set yourself apart?


Join us and step into the realm of enhanced cognitive excellence.

Dave Farrow Signature

Who is Dave Farrow?


Dave Farrow is a 2X USA MEMORY CHAMPION  who has TRANSFORMED the lives of THOUSANDS of people worldwide. As a teenager, he overcame ADHD and dyslexia by discovering Memory Improvement Techniques and invented new methods for MEMORY and FOCUS.

The Farrow Memory Method™ has been scientifically proven effective through an independent DOUBLE-BLIND NEUROSCIENCE STUDY conducted by McGill University in Montreal. After just 20 minutes of instruction, users of Farrow’s method SCORED THREE TIMES HIGHER than the control group on clinical memory tests a week later.

Dave has worked with or been compared to CELEBRITIES, SPEAKERS, DOCTORS, SCIENTISTS, and fellow memory experts, including Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and Jim Kwik.


Record year



20+ YRS


Here's What
Experts Are Saying about
Dave Farrow Memory Course

"Dave is such a dynamic and engaging speaker! Unquestionably, the material presented really resonated with our audience of real estate professionals who are constantly looking for expert advice for the purpose of increasing sales, branding and improving memory. Dave gave our team clear tips – and most importantly, actionable suggestions on how to implement these valuable strategies."
Jack Cox
General Manager, HomeLife / ROMANO Realty Ltd., Brokerage
"Every time I see Dave speak he has so much enthusiasm and energy in front of a crowd! He brought the wow factor to my event. His memory demonstration amazed the crowd so much I put him on twice! He is able to take dry material that may not appeal to the masses and make it fun!"
Dr. Greg Reid
Creator of Secret Knock™
"It was fantastic to have you on the morning show. We all felt a bit smarter since talking to you. Please come back anytime!"
Neil Aitchison
Radio Announcer

Here's what
Members are saying about
Dave Farrow Memory Course

5k+ reviews

Farrow Memory has earned the trust of students worldwide. Our methods have transformed countless lives, empowering individuals to become genius learners.

“Loved his focus burst technique, the bits on hacking the gut to hack your appetite, and some of his stories about his time counting cards.”
MacKenzie Green
"Awesome Dave!"
“very engaging, I used to do that kind of memory exercises with my students when I taught English in South & Central America.”
“this is awesome! i wish i would of learned this at a younger age:/”
" think this had potential for a higher rating as the lessons are great with some great pointers!"
" Hi, I'm Jennifer Scaife just taking this workshop on memory improvement with Dave. And I am a visual person. That's always been a technique I've relied on but his idea of integrating these three aspects three principles of memory into one aspect is great. I find it very helpful. And I know today I'm going to be able to go out and apply this. Thanks so much, Dave. "
Jennifer Scaife

Frequently Asked Questions

After enrolling in the Farrow Memory program, you will receive access to the course material and can start learning immediately. You will also receive an email with instructions on how to log in to the member’s area.

It depends on the option you choose:

Yearly payment plan: access for 1 year, option to renew.

One-time/Installment plan: lifetime access, future updates included.

Yes, you can access the course content on any device with an internet connection, including laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

If you have any questions or concerns while studying the course, you can contact the support team at for assistance.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results of the program in the first 15 days. However, the success of the program depends on your commitment and effort to complete the course and practice the techniques taught.

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