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Unleash Your Child's Learning Superpowers: All-in-One Bundle to Boost Learning, Math, and Memory skills At A Special Price

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You’re not alone if you said ‘Yes’ to any of these. Many parents have seen their children face these challenges. But there’s hope – our program has helped countless kids overcome these hurdles and become confident performers.

Your Child's Mind is a Learning Marvel it just needs the right tools to unleash its full potential

Great News for Your Child: This program is more than just about reading fast. It’s about enhancing reading skills, boosting math skills, improving memory, and giving your child more free time to play and explore. Let me help your child improve their reading skills and efficiently manage their schoolwork

In this program, your child will learn techniques that have helped countless others become more efficient learners. These skills are now adapted for young learners to help them excel in school, boost their confidence, and set a strong foundation for their future.

Get ready to watch your child grow and flourish with life-changing  skills.

Industry Leaders Adopt our Instructor's Innovative Learning Techniques

Dave Farrow with Hayden Wiliam

Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank)

Nelson Dellis with Lewis Howes

Regis Philbin and Larry King
Mark Cuban (American Businessman)

Media Spotlight

Unlocking the Value of This Course
Let's Look at Some Numbers...

Applying what your child learns here effectively can really change their school life and beyond.

Imagine the time they could save. With this program, they can finish their homework 2 hours faster every day. That’s 10 extra hours each week for playing, exploring their interests, or simply relaxing. That adds up to a remarkable 520 extra hours each year.

Think about what this could mean for your family life, too. More quality time together, less stress about homework. Isn’t that worth considering?

What you get in your
Kids Learning Bundle

Revolutionize the Way Your Child Reads in Just 7 Weeks!

  • Empower your child to excel in exams by equipping them with effective speed reading techniques, enabling them to cover more material with improved comprehension.
  • Enhance their revision sessions by teaching them how to efficiently skim through textbooks, study guides, and class notes, helping them grasp key concepts more effectively.
  • Foster better grades by introducing your child to the art of speed reading, allowing them to absorb information faster and stay ahead academically.
  • Cultivate a love for reading in your child while instilling essential skills that will benefit their education and lifelong learning journey.
  • Unlock the potential for academic success and a well-rounded childhood by providing your child with the tools to become a confident, efficient reader.

3X Your Child’s Memory in 7 Weeks

  • Prepare your child for exams by teaching them powerful memory techniques that aid in retaining and recalling important facts, dates, and concepts.
  • Enhance their revision process by providing them with strategies to imprint key information into their memory, resulting in better academic performance.
  • Boost their grades by equipping them with memory skills that help them grasp complex subjects, remember vocabulary, and excel in various subjects.
  • Encourage a balanced lifestyle for your child by supporting their memory development, allowing them to excel academically while enjoying their hobbies and extracurricular activities.
  • Nurture their self-confidence by empowering them with exceptional memory abilities, enabling them to approach exams and academic challenges with ease.

Learn To Remember ANYTHING in 7 weeks

  • Prepare your child for exams by teaching them powerful memory techniques to remember critical information, such as historical events, scientific concepts, and more.
  • Enhance their revision process by guiding them in applying memory techniques that allow for better retention of subject-specific vocabulary, formulas, and case studies.
  • Boost their grades by instilling memory skills that aid in understanding and remembering complex subject matter, leading to improved performance in tests and assignments.
  • Promote a well-rounded childhood by helping your child optimize their memory capacity, allowing them to efficiently manage academic responsibilities and pursue their interests and hobbies.
  • Encourage their creative potential by freeing up mental energy previously used for memorization, giving them the freedom to explore and excel in artistic, musical, or innovative pursuits.

Ditch Your Calculator, Become One!

  • Empower your child in exams by fostering their mental math skills, enabling them to solve math problems accurately and swiftly without relying on calculators.
  • Support their revision process by nurturing their mental math abilities, allowing them to simplify complex calculations, focus on understanding mathematical concepts, and solve problems more efficiently.
  • Boost their math grades by helping them develop strong mental calculation skills, impressing teachers and examiners with their numerical proficiency and problem-solving abilities.
  • Encourage a well-rounded childhood by applying mental math skills to real-life situations, such as handling finances, calculating measurements, and solving puzzles, fostering critical thinking and practical math skills.
  • Cultivate their confidence and mathematical potential, setting them up for success in academic pursuits and future careers that require strong numerical skills.

What you get in your
Learning Bundle Kids Course

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Access to the full 7 week program.

$3988 Lifetime Value


Unlock $15,964 Worth of Lifetime Bonus Material for FREE! When You Purchase Now!

Bonus #1

Global Learning COMMUNITY

Join a supportive community of young learners, explore shared interests, and embrace a journey of personal growth together.

$3,588 Lifetime Value

Bonus #2

Genius IQ Test

Help your child uncover their cognitive strengths with our Genius IQ Test! It's a quick and insightful tool to identify areas for growth and guide their learning journey. Start your child's path to intellectual growth today!

$1,316 Lifetime Value

Bonus #3


Discover powerful digital reading tips and help your child improve their reading speed on any device.

$988 Lifetime Value

Bonus #4


Your child will receive a printable digital certificate once they complete the course and pass the final quiz.

$780 Lifetime Value

Bonus #5


Get instant access to our most valuable insights, tips, and latest techniques for IMPROVING your child's reading speed, so they can study more efficiently and effectively.

$2188 Lifetime Value

Bonus #6


Help your child enhance their reading speed with Howard's proven methods, all while retaining comprehension and retention.

$960 Lifetime Value

Bonus #7

Genius AI Bot

Experience our groundbreaking new feature: Utilize advanced algorithms and personalized recommendations tailored to your child's learning style, accelerating their learning and achieving improved results.

$3,396 Lifetime Value

Bonus #8

Learning Expert

One of our dedicated learning experts from our team will connect with you after your child joins, providing a personalized call to grasp their unique learning needs and keep track of their progress.

$2,748 Lifetime Value

Refrence Sheet

Bonus #9

Reference SHEET

Equip your kids for math excellence with our bonus reference sheet. Packed with easy formulas, helpful tables, and clear charts, it'll make math a breeze, fostering their enthusiasm for learning and ensuring success in their studies

$988 Lifetime Value

Bonus #10


This easy-to-use, science-backed technique boosts memory and focus, making learning fun and easy. Watch as your child tackles tough subjects, gets better grades, and grows more confident. It's the perfect tool for giving your kid a head start in their education.

$988 Lifetime Value

Bonus #11

Interviews with the WORLD MEMORY CHAMPIONS

Let your child gain insight and inspiration from the world's top memory champions to deepen their understanding of becoming a MEMORY MASTER.7

$988 Lifetime Value

$19,952 in Total Course + Bonus Lifetime Value 

GET All These LIFETIME Bonuses When You Purchase Now

Normal Retail: $19,952

LIMITED TIME - Just $1997

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Instructors Personal:

If you don’t experience a remarkable boost in your reading speed, math skills, memory retention and comprehension within 15 days, I guarantee a 100% refund of your investment. No questions asked.

Picture yourself quickly outshining others at work and easily understanding complex topics. That’s what you can achieve with the Learning Genius Bundle program.

Your success is my priority. My dedicated team and I are committed to ensuring your transformation isn’t just about reading quickly – it’s about comprehending faster, retaining more, and utilizing information to boost your career.

And just to be clear, There are no catches or paperwork for refunds. If it’s not right for you, just email for a same-day, hassle-free refund.

Join us – there’s so much to learn and nothing to lose. Ready for the revolution?

Meet Our Instructors

Howard Berg

Guinness Record Holder for Speed Reading

Howard Berg, a resident of Brooklyn, NY, USA, holds an incredible reading record published in the Guinness Book of World Records. He can read an astonishing 80 pages per minute, equivalent to 25,000 words. Howard has demonstrated this remarkable skill on national television, impressing audiences with his ability to recall information.


Record year



35+ YRS


Scott Flansburg

The Human Calculator

Scott Flansburg, based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, achieved an amazing feat on 27 April 2000 at the Guinness World Records set in Wembley, UK. Without a calculator, he accurately added a randomly selected two-digit number (38) to itself 36 times in just 15 seconds, showcasing his exceptional mental calculation abilities.


Record year



30+ YRS


Nelson Dellis

5X USA Memory Champion

Nelson Dellis, from Miami, Florida, USA, accomplished an extraordinary underwater memory challenge. On 13 November 2021, he set the record for the fastest time to arrange a deck of playing cards underwater, completing it in an impressive 2 minutes and 22.53 seconds.


Record year



12+ YRS


Dave Farrow

2X USA Memory Champion

Dave Farrow, a memory expert from Canada, achieved an impressive memory record by memorizing a random sequence of 59 packs of cards (3,068 cards in total) in a single sighting. This feat took place on 2 April 2007 at the CTV Studios in Toronto, Canada, and lasted for 4 hours, 58 minutes, and 20 seconds, excluding breaks. Dave’s remarkable memory skills continue to inspire others.


Record year



20+ YRS


Love From Our Learners

"Scott has a mind blowing super power. He’s the fastest human calculator in the world."
Stan Lee
Comic Writer
"Mind boggling and life-changing course! Absolutely a vital skill to be mastered (speed reading) now thanks to this special course this is possible. Massive Thanks to the author - Howard S Berg - The fastest reader in the world!"
Nico Leban
Life Coach
"Every time I see Dave speak he has so much enthusiasm and energy in front of a crowd! He brought the wow factor to my event. His memory demonstration amazed the crowd so much I put him on twice! He is able to take dry material that may not appeal to the masses and make it fun!"
Dr. Greg Reid
Creator of Secret Knock™

Here's what
others are saying

5k+ reviews

Don’t just take our word for it – see how Howard Berg’s revolutionary speed reading system has helped individuals around the world read faster, learn more, and boost their productivity.

"I have not yet completed the full program, but I was so excited by the results I have seen so far, so I thought I would reach out to Howard and let him know."
Morgan Fornell
Program Student
“I love how he explains why we are doing what we are doing in the exercises. I can see it. I trust our teacher. He knows what he is talking about.”
Stephen Forcey
"Howard Berg, regarded as the fastest reader is helping Kiara my daughter who is also a Guinness record holder to maximize her "natural learning ability"
Dr Mahendra
"My child is experiencing some difficulty in math class. I purchased in hopes that it will assist me in assisting him & make math a little easier. After leafing through, it looks like it will be quite helpful. We cannot wait to begin using immediately!!"
Jamie Gilley
"This is summer reading and practical work for my 10 year old son. it is a great tool for bonding with my son, learning for both of us and ahead of the fame for the up and coming school year."
Margaret Clark
"I bought 3 of these, one for my teenage, myself and my husband. We are all pretty good with math but this is for refreshing our skill & discovering new patterns in numbers we never noticed before. Nice workout for the brain."

Frequently Asked Questions

This bundle is specifically designed to give your child a competitive edge in their studies. The speed reading techniques will allow them to cover more material in less time, while memory improvement strategies will enhance their retention and recall skills. The mental math skills will sharpen their problem-solving abilities. With these courses , your child can excel academically and achieve higher grades.

Absolutely! The techniques and skills taught in this bundle are ideal for exam preparation and revisions. The speed reading techniques will help your child quickly grasp key concepts and review material efficiently. The memory improvement strategies will aid in remembering important information, while the mental math skills will enable your child to solve math problems quickly and accurately.

As a parent, you can play a vital role in your child’s success. Encourage regular practice with the resources and create a conducive learning environment. Monitor their progress, provide motivation, and celebrate their achievements. Engage in discussions about their learning experiences and offer guidance when needed. Your involvement will boost their confidence and drive their progress.

You can track your child’s progress by observing their academic performance, grades, and test scores. Notice their increased reading speed, improved memory retention, and enhanced problem-solving abilities. Celebrate their milestones and achievements to further motivate them. The positive results they achieve will be a testament to the effectiveness of these resources.

Absolutely! These resources are designed to complement your child’s existing curriculum. They can be used alongside their regular school studies, exams, and revisions. The techniques and skills learned will support and enhance their understanding of the subjects they are studying, enabling them to excel in their schoolwork.

If you have any questions or concerns while studying the course, you can contact the support team at  for assistance.

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