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The Faster you Learn Speed Reading The Faster you Earn

Give me the next 30 minutes, and I’ll Double Your Reading Speed with Excellent Comprehension.

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You’re not alone if you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions. Many of our members faced these same challenges before joining my program.

Your Brain is a Learning Machine you just need the right tools to unlock its full potential says
Howard Berg

But here’s the good news: my program isn’t just about speed. It’s about reading smarter, understanding more, remembering better, and freeing up your time. Let me guide you to improve your reading skills and handle lots of information easily.

In my program, you’ll gain insider knowledge that has helped thousands of professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners transform their lives by gaining the ability to speed up their learning, get promotions, land dream jobs, and shape their futures.

Get ready to learn skills that can change your life.

Industry Experts Adopt Howard Berg's Revolutionary Speed ReadingTechniques

Les Brown (Motivational Speaker)
Dan Kennedy (Author)

Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank)

Brian Tracy (Motivational Speaker)

Russell Brunson (ClickFunnels)
Forbes Riley (Actress)

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What is the Value of This Speed Reading Course?
Let's Do A Little Math...

If implemented correctly, the knowledge and techniques you learn here can transform your professional and personal life.

Think about the financial benefits. Say the program saves you 2 hours every day. That’s 10 hours a week. If you value your time at a modest $30 per hour, you save $300 weekly, which adds up to $15,600 a year. And that’s just the start.

So, is the program worth it? I’ll let you decide that.

What you get in your Speed Reading Genius Program

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Access to the full 7 week program.

$997 Lifetime Value


Unlock $3,991 Worth of Lifetime Bonus Material for FREE! When You Purchase Speed Reading Course Now!

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Bonus #1

Global Learning COMMUNITY

Connect with a community of learners, share your interests, and COMMIT TO PERSONAL GROWTH.

$897 Lifetime Value

Speed Reading

Bonus #2

Genius IQ Test

Discover your cognitive strengths with our Genius IQ Test! It's a quick, insightful way to pinpoint areas for growth and guide your learning. Start your journey to intellectual growth today!

$329 Lifetime Value

Speed Reading

Bonus #3


Unlock POWERFUL digital reading tips and IMPROVE your reading speed on ANY DEVICE.

$247 Lifetime Value

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Bonus #4


Receive a printable digital certificate upon completion of the course and pass the final quiz.

$195 Lifetime Value

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Instant access to Howard Berg's most valuable INSIGHTS, tips, and LATEST TECHNIQUES so you can learn more efficiently and effectively.

$547 Lifetime Value

Speed Reading

Bonus #6

Speed Reading Course AUDIOBOOK

Improve your reading speed with Howard's PROVEN METHODS while maintaining comprehension and retention.

$240 Lifetime Value

Speed Reading

Bonus #7

Genius AI Bot

MIND-BLOWING NEW FEATURE Take advantage of our cutting-edge algorithms and PERSONALIZED recommendations based on your learning style to ACCELERATE your learning and achieve BETTER RESULTS.

$849 Lifetime Value

Speed Reading

Bonus #8

Learning Expert

A DEDICATED LEARNING EXPERT from our team will reach out to you after you join, offering a PERSONALIZED CALL to understand your unique learning requirements and TRACK YOUR PROGRESS.

$687 Lifetime Value

$4,988 in Total Course + Bonus Lifetime Value 

GET All These LIFETIME Bonuses When You Purchase Speed Reading Course Now

Normal Retail: $4,988

LIMITED TIME - Just $497

Monthly Payment Plan is available at checkout

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Speed Reading

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Howard Berg's Personal:

If you don’t experience a remarkable boost in your reading speed and comprehension within 15 days, I guarantee a 100% refund of your investment. No questions asked.

Picture yourself quickly outshining others at work and easily understanding complex topics. That’s what you can achieve with the Speed Reading Genius program.

Your success is my priority. My dedicated team and I are committed to ensuring your transformation isn’t just about reading quickly – it’s about comprehending faster, retaining more, and utilizing information to boost your career.

And just to be clear, There are no catches or paperwork for refunds. If it’s not right for you, just email for a same-day, hassle-free refund.

Join us – there’s so much to learn and nothing to lose. Ready for the reading revolution?

Speed Reading
Speed Reading
Speed Reading

About Howard Berg

Guinness Record Holder for Speed Reading​
MEET HOWARD BERG – the ONLY FASTEST READER in the WORLD, holding the Guinness World Record for reading over 80 pages per minute with 100% comprehension!Appearing on 1,100+ radio and TV programs, Howard’s BRAIN-BASED LEARNING STRATEGIES have been featured in publications like Forbes FYI, Selling, Men’s Health, Red Book, Bottom Line Magazine, and dozens of newspaper interviews throughout North America.But Howard’s success isn’t just about speed reading – he’s also a DYNAMIC MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, MENTOR, and COACH, dedicated to helping others OVERCOME obstacles and REACH their GOALS!


Record year



35+ YRS


Here's What
Experts Are Saying about
Speed Reading Course

"When I first heard about how fast Howard Berg could read I thought .... whatever... but then I met Howard and he read my 300 page book in 5 minutes live on my show and I was truly amazed !!! I more than doubled my reading speed and improved my comprehension after taking his Speed Reading Genius program."
Speed Reading
Russell Brunson
"I decided to put Howard Berg's claim to the test. Before the training, I was able to read at 280 WPM, and after completion of the course, I was able to read at 720 WPM. This Speed Reading Course is an awesome product, and I highly recommend it. I don’t get paid anything for saying this. Even if you don’t think you need to know how to read faster, DO IT."
Speed Reading
Noah Lenz
Founder & CEO
"Very good content on Speed Reading. A lot of techniques, and most importantly, you are required to take action throughout the lessons, which makes it very practical. Very clear and well presented, explanations are limpid. Not too much stuff, no fluff, but each lesson is long enough to go deep on its topic. I really appreciate the "interactive" doing parts, where you Howard Berg tells you to apply immediately what he's talked about, and he's timing you while you do it."
Speed Reading
Experimental Artist

Don’t just take our word for it – see how Howard Berg’s revolutionary speed reading system has helped individuals around the world read faster, learn more, and boost their productivity.

Speed Reading
"Wonderful course. I felt that he was there with me the whole time. Very nice pace. Amazing info with actionable steps. Love it."
Aleno Oliveira
Tax Attorny
Speed Reading
"Very good content. The content is unique compared with other speedreading courses. I think for some of the techniques you need talents which I don't have. In the end, I think everyone will like Howard Berg and 5 stars are a must."
Frank Siebers
Speed Reading
"Awesome Speed Reading Course. Why Listen to Howard Stephen Berg? He is the Guinness World Record Holder, and you will not get a better mentor or guide for doing this and learning from the best."
Amrita Singh
"I like the way the Speed Reading course is set up. Howard Berg explains how reading is misunderstood and corrected my vocalization problem. I have a few videos left to go but have already tripled my speed to 600 wpm with good comprehension."
Mark Parrish
Software Developer
Speed Reading
“This Speed Reading course is so informative. I just want to say thanks to Howard Berg!. This course actually worked for me. I am so grateful. The course was well worth the money. "
William Mitchell
Nav Gupta
"Totally loved it! It does take work and practice to increase your reading speed; however, I do read faster now and am able to complete a book weekly if not every several days. This has been a great help! Thank you!"
Nav Gupta
Business Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

After enrolling in the Speed Reading Genius program, you will receive access to the course material and can start learning immediately. You will also receive an email with instructions on how to log in to the member’s area.

You will have lifetime access to the course you purchase

Yes, you can access the course content on any device with an internet connection, including laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

If you have any questions or concerns while studying the course, you can contact the support team at for assistance.

The Speed Reading Genius program uses scientifically proven techniques to train your brain to read faster and improve your comprehension skills. The course includes video lessons, interactive exercises, and practice materials to help you master the skills required for speed reading.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results of the program in the first 15 days. However, the success of the program depends on your commitment and effort to complete the course and practice the techniques taught.

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