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Make Your Kids Instinctive Problem Solvers with
Mental Math Course

Give me 30 minutes, and I’ll transform your child into a human calculator.

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mental math,scott flansburg
mental math,scott flansburg
mental math,scott flansburg
mental math,scott flansburg
mental math,scott flansburg

Does Your Child Face These Math Roadblocks?
Respond With 'Yes' or 'No'

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, rest assured, you’re not alone. Many parents have seen their children face these challenges in math. But there’s good news: our course has helped countless kids just like yours. It’s designed to make math understandable, enjoyable, and less intimidating for young learners. This course could be the key to unlocking your child’s potential in math.

Your Child's Mind is a Learning Marvel it just needs the right tools like
Mental Math Course

This course is more than just a way to improve your child’s math skills; it’s about giving them lifelong proficiency in mathematics. The program covers everything from basic arithmetic to developing a deep understanding of essential math concepts.

In my masterclass, I reveal the secrets of my success as the Human Calculator. Your child won’t just hear about how I achieved my extraordinary abilities, but they’ll also get to understand them in a fun, child-friendly manner, step by step, directly from me.

This course has helped countless children enhance their mathematical abilities, and now it’s an opportunity for your child.

Understanding math sincerely can offer significant benefits for your child, both in their current academic life and in their future endeavors. It’s about building confidence, problem-solving skills, and a sense of accomplishment.

So, are you ready to set your child on the path to becoming a math whiz? Join us and watch them transform into confident and skilled young mathematicians. Let your child discover these benefits:

Industry Leaders Adopt Scott Flansburg's Innovative Mental Math Techniques

Mark Cuban (American Businessman)
Regis Philbin and Larry King

Steve Wozniak (Apple Co-founder)

Daymond John (Shark Tank)

Morgan Freeman (American Actor)
Tony Robbins (Coach and Speaker)

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Unlocking the Value of This Mental Math Course
Let's Look at Some Numbers...

Applying what your child learns here effectively can really change their school life and beyond.

Imagine the time they could save. With this program, they can finish their homework 2 hours faster every day. That’s 10 extra hours each week for playing, exploring their interests, or simply relaxing. That adds up to a remarkable 520 extra hours each year.

Think about what this could mean for your family life, too. More quality time together, less stress about homework. Isn’t that worth considering?

What you get in your
Human Calculator Kids Course

mental math,scott flansburg

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Access to the full 7 week program.

$997 Lifetime Value


Unlock $3,991 Worth of Lifetime Bonus Material for FREE! When You Purchase Mental Math course Now!

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Global Learning COMMUNITY

Join a supportive community of young learners, explore shared interests, and embrace a journey of personal growth together.

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Genius IQ Test

Help your child uncover their cognitive strengths with our Genius IQ Test! It's a quick and insightful tool to identify areas for growth and guide their learning journey. Start your child's path to intellectual growth today!

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Scott - Reference sheet

Bonus #3

Refrence SHEETS

Equip your kids for math excellence with our bonus reference sheet. Packed with easy formulas, helpful tables, and clear charts, it'll make math a breeze, fostering their enthusiasm for learning and ensuring success in their studies

$247 Lifetime Value

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Bonus #4


Your child will receive a printable digital certificate once they complete the course and pass the final quiz.

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Instant access to Scott Flansburg's most valuable INSIGHTS, tips, and LATEST TECHNIQUES so you can learn more efficiently and effectively.

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Mental Math Course AUDIOBOOK

Help your child enhance their reading speed with Howard's proven methods, all while retaining comprehension and retention.

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Genius AI Bot

Experience our groundbreaking new feature: Utilize advanced algorithms and personalized recommendations tailored to your child's learning style, accelerating their learning and achieving improved results.

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Learning Expert

One of our dedicated learning experts from our team will connect with you after your child joins, providing a personalized call to grasp their unique learning needs and keep track of their progress.

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mental math,scott flansburg
mental math,scott flansburg

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Scott Flansburg's Personal:

If you don’t notice a remarkable improvement in your child’s mental math abilities within 15 days of starting the Become a Human Calculator program for kids, rest assured, you’re covered by a full 100% refund. No questions, no complications.


Picture your child confidently working through math problems, impressing teachers, and enjoying the thrill of solving numerical challenges. That’s the advantage your child will gain with the Become a Human Calculator program.


My commitment is to your child’s growth. Along with my team, we focus on more than just teaching math skills – we aim to foster a deep understanding, speed, and joy in working with numbers, which can enhance their academic performance and daily life.


The refund process is straightforward and parent-friendly. If the program isn’t a good fit for your child, simply reach out to for a prompt, hassle-free refund on the same day.


Are you ready to set your child on the path to becoming a math whiz? Join us – let’s unlock their potential and turn math into an exciting adventure.

Scott Flansburg Signature
mental math,scott flansburg
mental math,scott flansburg

Who is Scott Flansburg?

The Fastest Walking Human Calculator

Also known as “The Human Calculator,” Scott has been entertaining and inspiring audiences with his mental math skills since the early 1990s. With a magnetic personality and a passion for math education, Flansburg has captivated the minds of individuals and organizations alike, from NASA and IBM to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Scott’s achievements are nothing short of awe-inspiring. He’s broken numerous world records in mental math, including the record for the fastest mental multiplication of two 13-digit numbers (3.3 seconds, no big deal). 

But Flansburg’s mission is more than just dazzling audiences with his amazing abilities. He’s on a personal crusade to elevate math confidence and self-esteem in both adults and children. He believes that too often, math is approached with fear and anxiety, leading people to believe that it’s acceptable to be bad at it

To that end, Flansburg has authored several books on mental math, created The Counting Bee™, an annual STEM competition for K-12 students, and developed The Human Calculator Course. 

He encourages students to challenge themselves, think creatively, and approach math with a positive mindset. His students have gone on to achieve great things in their personal and professional lives, from excelling in school to running successful businesses.


Record year



30+ YRS


Here's What
Experts Are Saying

Scott Flansburg has a mind blowing super power. He’s the fastest human calculator in the world.
mental math,scott flansburg
Stan Lee
Comic Writer
You’re (Scott Flansburg) like ‘a human calculator’.
mental math,scott flansburg
Regis Philbin
Scott Flansburg getting kids excited about math is so wonderful!
mental math,scott flansburg
Oprah Winfrey

Here's what
Parents And Kids are saying

5k+ reviews

Human Calculator course has earned the trust of students worldwide. Our methods have transformed countless lives, empowering individuals to become genius learners.

mental math,scott flansburg
"I also used the concepts to teach my Prekindergarten students. Parents were amazed by how their children were doing advanced addition and subtraction along with multiplication once I planted basic concept seeds using MM as one of the tools in my arsenal of information for them."
Jessica Martinez
mental math,scott flansburg
"This a great for a child starting out learning some basic concepts of math formulas, it uses alot of visual's instead of numbers to teach some concepts, I would recommend for the young ones learning addition and subtraction.
Matthew Reed
mental math,scott flansburg
"I have a 7 year old with slight learning difficulties.., highly intelligent but he see's the world differently to most of us. Explaining Maths to him can be a challenge so I purchased this."
mental math,scott flansburg
"My child is experiencing some difficulty in math class. I purchased in hopes that it will assist me in assisting him & make math a little easier. After leafing through, it looks like it will be quite helpful. We cannot wait to begin using immediately!!"
Jamie Gilley
mental math,scott flansburg
"This is summer reading and practical work for my 10 year old son. it is a great tool for bonding with my son, learning for both of us and ahead of the fame for the up and coming school year."
Margaret Clark
mental math,scott flansburg
"I bought 3 of these, one for my teenage, myself and my husband. We are all pretty good with math but this is for refreshing our skill & discovering new patterns in numbers we never noticed before. Nice workout for the brain."

Frequently Asked Questions

The Human Calculator Course is different from other math courses because it focuses on mental math techniques that can be applied in a variety of day-to-day situations. Scott Flansburg has developed a unique teaching style that is engaging and easy to understand, and he has helped thousands of children improve their mental math skills.

We are fully confident that our course will help your kid improve their mental math skills. However, if you’re not satisfied with the results, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 15 days.

If you have any doubts or questions while taking our course, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team at . We’re here to help and will reply to your inquiry within 24 hours.

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