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Upto 90% Improvement in Scores with Mental Math! By
Scott Flansburg

Give me 30 minutes, and I’ll transform you into a human calculator.

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Identifying Math Struggles in Student Life
Answer with 'Yes' or 'No'

You’re not alone if you answered ‘yes’ to any of these. Many students have faced these challenges before discovering how much my course could improve their skills. Whether you’re in high school or college, this course is designed to help you master math with ease and confidence.

Your Brain Is A Learning Powerhouse Transform Your Math Skills

This course is more than just a way to boost your math grades; it’s a lifelong skill builder. This course has everything from conquering complex equations to embedding essential math principles in your mind.

In my masterclass, I’ll reveal the secrets behind my title as the Human Calculator. You won’t just glimpse at how I achieved extraordinary mathematical feats – you’ll learn these methods from me, step by step.

Students like you have used these insights to transform their approach to math. Now, it’s your turn to join them.

Understanding math deeply can open many doors in your academic life and beyond. Are you ready to discover these benefits for yourself?

Industry Experts Follow Scott Flansburg's Innovative Mental Math Methods

Mark Cuban (American Businessman)
Regis Philbin and Larry King

Steve Wozniak (Apple Co-founder)

Daymond John (Shark Tank)

Morgan Freeman (American Actor)
Tony Robbins (Coach and Speaker)

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How Valuable is This Mental Math Course?
Let's Do Some Simple Math...

I know you’re juggling classes, assignments, and maybe even a part-time job. It’s a lot, right? But what if I told you there’s a way to not just manage but excel in this balancing act? That’s where my Mental Math course comes in!

Imagine shaving off 3 hours from your daily routine. Sounds like a dream? Our program can make it a reality. That’s 21 extra hours per week. It’s like gaining a whole extra day! every week or 52 days every year.

With these hours, you could dive into that hobby you’ve always wanted to try, amp up your extracurriculars, or even earn some cash with a part-time gig. Each hour you save is a step towards better grades, incredible experiences, and less stress.

Think about it. More free time, less stress, and a chance to explore new things. Isn’t that worth giving a shot? The decision is yours, but I believe in making every minute of your student life count. 


What you get in your
Human Calculator Student Course

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Access to the full 7 week program.

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Uncover your brainpower with our Genius IQ Test, tailored for students! It's a fast and fascinating way to discover your cognitive strengths and identify improvement areas. Kickstart your path to smarter learning now!

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Dive into a world of simplified formulas, user-friendly tables , and insightful charts designed to boost your understanding and make math a breeze. With this handy resource, you'll gain the confidence to excel in your studies and confidently tackle any mathematical challenge that comes your way

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Improve your maths with Scott Flansburg's PROVEN METHODS while maintaining a clear understanding of fundamental concepts and cultivating a deep appreciation for the beauty of mathematical reasoning

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Scott Flansburg's Personal:
Personal Promise to Students

If you don’t experience a noticeable boost in your mental math abilities and speed within 15 days of starting the Become a Human Calculator program, you’re entitled to a complete 100% refund. No questions asked.


Imagine acing your math tests, impressing your teachers, and solving math problems easily and quickly. That’s the advantage you’ll get with the Become a Human Calculator program.


My goal is to help you grow. Together with my team, we’re dedicated to enhancing your math skills, speed, and overall understanding to improve your grades and make math fun and exciting for you.


Getting a refund is straightforward and hassle-free. If you don’t like the program, simply contact for a prompt refund; no complications involved.


Are you ready to become a whiz at mental math and stand out in your class? Join us – let’s transform your approach to math and open up a new world of academic success.

Scott Flansburg Signature

Who is Scott Flansburg?

The Fastest Walking Human Calculator

Also known as “The Human Calculator,” Scott has been entertaining and inspiring audiences with his mental math skills since the early 1990s. With a magnetic personality and a passion for math education, Flansburg has captivated the minds of individuals and organizations alike, from NASA and IBM to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Scott’s achievements are nothing short of awe-inspiring. He’s broken numerous world records in mental math, including the record for the fastest mental multiplication of two 13-digit numbers (3.3 seconds, no big deal). 

But Flansburg’s mission is more than just dazzling audiences with his amazing abilities. He’s on a personal crusade to elevate math confidence and self-esteem in both adults and children. He believes that too often, math is approached with fear and anxiety, leading people to believe that it’s acceptable to be bad at it

To that end, Flansburg has authored several books on mental math, created The Counting Bee™, an annual STEM competition for K-12 students, and developed The Human Calculator Course. 

He encourages students to challenge themselves, think creatively, and approach math with a positive mindset. His students have gone on to achieve great things in their personal and professional lives, from excelling in school to running successful businesses.


Record year



30+ YRS


Here's What
Experts Are Saying

Scott Flansburg has a mind blowing super power. He’s the fastest human calculator in the world.
Stan Lee
Comic Writer
You’re (Scott Flansburg) like ‘a human calculator’.
Regis Philbin
Scott Flansburg getting kids excited about math is so wonderful!
Oprah Winfrey

Here's what
Students are saying about
Human Calculator Course

5k+ reviews

Human Calculator course has earned the trust of students worldwide. Our methods have transformed countless lives, empowering individuals to become genius learners.

"Amazing method that were never been taught in school when I learn mathematics (Scott Flansburg where were you back then?!) "
Bo Manson
"Techniques for facilitating mental math. It covers addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, square and cube roots, fractions, measurement conversions and other useful information. Contains plenty of examples and practice problems to attempt. Gets up to simple algebra."
William Schram
"I imagine he visualizes the matrix as he solves. It is simple but deliberate practice improves the speed and familiarity with numbers. It is also sort of like a meditative thing and great to keep our thoughts consciously working and focused on numbers or what we want. Just Amazing"
Rick Teixeira
"Scott, I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart, your course has brought my passion for maths all over again. I believe all children have the ability to study maths and I feel it is our birthright. I love your course. Blessings forever."
"Scott Flansburg's Mental Math courses should be shared a hundred thousand times over worldwide in every language. Math is universal, so should a basic understanding of it.
"This guy is incredible, he makes maths FUN & EXCITING. At no point while at school did any of my Mathematics teachers display any passion for their subject unlike most other subject teachers."
Moutton Noir

Frequently Asked Questions

The Human Calculator Course is different from other math courses because it focuses on mental math techniques that can be applied in a variety of day-to-day situations. Scott Flansburg has developed a unique teaching style that is engaging and easy to understand, and he has helped thousands of students improve their mental math skills.

The Human Calculator Course is designed for people of all skill levels, including those who may not feel confident in their math abilities. The course teaches mental math techniques that can help anyone improve their skills, regardless of their current level of expertise.

We are fully confident that our course will help you improve your mental math skills. However, if you’re not satisfied with the results, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 15 days.

If you have any questions or concerns while studying the course, you can contact the support team at for assistance.

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