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Give Your Child The Gift Of Speed Reading

As a parent, you want the BEST for your child, and their academic success is a TOP PRIORITY. But if your child STRUGGLES with reading, it can hold them back in school and LIMIT their future prospects.

Slow reading can lead to MISSED OPPORTUNITIES, low grades, and a LACK OF CONFIDENCE in their abilities.

It can even affect their SOCIAL LIFE and hobbies.

But with Howard's SPEED READING and Retention Techniques, your child can UNLEASH their FULL POTENTIAL and REVOLUTIONIZE their academic success.

IMAGINE your child excelling in their studies, ACHIEVING TOP GRADES, and HAVING MORE TIME for the activities they enjoy.

Don't let slow reading HOLD YOUR CHILD BACK from reaching their full potential. Give them the GIFT of SPEED READING and WATCH THEM SOAR to new heights.


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Speed Reading
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Speed Reading
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Media Spotlight

Who is Howard Berg?

Guinness Record Holder for Speed Reading​
MEET HOWARD BERG – the ONLY FASTEST READER in the WORLD, holding the Guinness World Record for reading over 80 pages per minute with 100% comprehension!Appearing on 1,100+ radio and TV programs, Howard’s BRAIN-BASED LEARNING STRATEGIES have been featured in publications like Forbes FYI, Selling, Men’s Health, Red Book, Bottom Line Magazine, and dozens of newspaper interviews throughout North America.But Howard’s success isn’t just about speed reading – he’s also a DYNAMIC MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, MENTOR, and COACH, dedicated to helping others OVERCOME obstacles and REACH their GOALS!


Record year



35+ YRS



Here's What
Celebs Are Saying

"All through high school, I was a middle of the road C+/B- student. Not because I was a bad student, I always tried my best but always struggled. I was never taught the techniques that Howard teaches. As a result, I often did poorly on tests in school, and I thought there was just something wrong with me. I'm now in my early 30's and decided there must be a way to read faster and learn more efficiently. This course was exactly what I needed. What I really enjoyed most was how quickly you see results, I could see that what I was learning was working instantly and even in my day to day life. Already I'm flying through my morning news articles and having a stronger understanding of what's being discussed, and I'm enjoying getting back into books again. Now I have a stronger grasp of the topics I'm learning."
Cameron Gray
Australian artist
"Mind boggling and life-changing course! Absolutely a vital skill to be mastered (speed reading) now thanks to this special course this is possible. Massive Thanks to the author - Howard S Berg - The fastest reader in the world!"
Nico Leban
Life Coach
"I decided to put Howard’s claim to the test. Before the training, I was able to read at 280 WPM, and after completion of the course, I was able to read at 720 WPM. This is an awesome product, and I highly recommend it. I don’t get paid anything for saying this. Even if you don’t think you need to know how to read faster, DO IT."
Noah Lenz
Founder & CEO

Howard is Training Kiara (Guinness Record Holder) and Youngest TEDx Speaker

This has also been cited by news channel NDTV Howard Berg regarded as the fastest reader who’s helping Kiara to maximize her “natural learning ability”

7 weeks of Guided Learning

📖Discover the power of your child’s reading abilities by measuring their current reading speed. Witness the remarkable progress they will make as they dive into the exciting world of speed reading

📖 Ignite your child’s motivation by using NEWTON’s law of motion to set exciting goals. Inspire them to reach new heights in their reading speed and comprehension

📖 Unleash the magic of language by introducing your child to Dolch and Fry’s list of essential sight words. Lay the foundation for strong reading skills by helping them master these fundamental words that appear frequently in written material

📖 Unleash the magic of language by introducing your child to Dolch and Fry’s list of essential sight words. Lay the foundation for strong reading skills by helping them master these fundamental words that appear frequently in written material

📖 Unlock the secrets of metacognition and empower your child to become a master of their own learning

📖 Equip your child with the superpower of schema, enabling them to conquer complex texts with ease

📖 Dive into the levels of comprehension with your child and watch their understanding soar. From basic understanding to critical analysis, help them navigate the different layers of meaning in texts, fostering deeper insights and enhancing their reading experience

📖  Teach your child the ART of inferring meaning from context. Show them how to recognize subtle cues, such as changes in tone and emphasis, to unlock deeper understanding

📖 Ignite your child’s passion for reading by immersing them in thrilling stories and engaging them with fun quizzes

📖  Take reading to a whole new level by bringing books to life. Encourage your child to act out scenes, or even imagine themselves as characters in the story

📖 Help your child extract schema effectively by incorporating captivating visuals. Encourage them to make connections between images and text, enhancing their understanding and retention of information

📖 Overcoming subvocalization with fun tongue twisters

📖 Teach them how to coordinate their hand movements with their eye movements, creating a dynamic synergy that enhances their reading speed and fluency. With the right hand motions, their reading abilities will reach new heights

📖  Engage your child in the thrilling 16-minute drill, a timed exercise that challenges them to read as much as they can within a set timeframe

📖 Introduce your child to the power of schema, a mental framework that helps them make connections and quickly absorb information

📖 Challenge their conventional reading habits and help them develop the unique skill of reading text in reverse. This not only expands their cognitive flexibility but also enhances their overall reading ability

📖 Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Question again. Show them how to actively engage with the text, ask thought-provoking questions, and summarize key information

📖 Help them develop automaticity in their reading skills, enabling them to absorb information without conscious effort, leading to enhanced long-term retention

📖Expand your child’s reading repertoire to include visual materials such as charts, graphs, and diagrams

📖 Equip your child with a toolkit of effective learning methods tailored to different subjects and exam formats

📖 Unlock the secrets of efficient studying by teaching your child time management techniques, effective organization skills, and the power of focused concentration

📖 Foster your child’s emotional intelligence, nurturing their self-awareness, empathy, and resilience. By developing emotional intelligence, they’ll improve their ability to manage stress, connect with others, and regulate their emotions.

📖 Introduce your child to different reading methods, such as skimming,Using mnemonics to remember vast amounts of information

📖 Guide your child in creating personalized index cards as powerful memory aids. Help them condense important information onto index cards, allowing for easy review and recall

What you get in your
Speed Reading Genius Program

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Access to the full 7 week program.


Free Bonuses - Unlock $885 worth of Bonus Material for FREE!


Global Learning COMMUNITY

Introduce your kids to the world of speed reading and watch them develop a lifelong love for learning. Join our community of learners, share your interests, and help your child COMMIT TO PERSONAL GROWTH.


Genius IQ Test

Gift your child the opportunity to understand their intellectual potential with our bonus Genius IQ Test! It's an effective tool to identify their strengths and areas to develop, guiding their learning path for maximum growth. Empower your child's academic journey today!



Unlock powerful digital reading tips and help your child IMPROVE their reading speed on ANY DEVICE.



Celebrate your child's achievement with a printable digital certificate they'll receive upon completing the course and passing the final quiz. It's not just a course, it's a milestone for your young learner



Get instant access to our most valuable insights, tips, and latest techniques for IMPROVING your child's reading speed, so they can study more efficiently and effectively.



Boost your child's reading speed with Howard's TESTED STRATEGIES, all while keeping comprehension and memory strong. With Audiobooks they can learn anytime, anywhere, and truly shine in their grades!


Genius AI Bot

MIND-BLOWING NEW FEATURE from Learning Genius: Our cutting-edge algorithms provide personalized recommendations based on your child's learning style to help them ACCELERATE their learning and achieve BETTER RESULTS on their exams.



With our Genius Subscription, your learning never stops! Get fresh, easy-to-understand learning materials every week and month, plus free access to all future course updates. Jump in and let's grow together!


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Unlock a week of free access to our course materials! Test it out and feel the difference yourself. We’re so confident you’ll love it, it’s a no-risk guarantee.

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Join Howard's Speed Reading Program NOW
and take your kid's personal growth to the NEXT LEVEL! 

Speed Reading
Program - Kids Edition

Yearly Access




Speed Reading
Program - Kids Edition

Lifetime Access



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At Learning Genius, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. That's why we confidently offer an unconditional 15-day money-back guarantee for Howard Berg's speed reading program.

We stand behind our program's ability to help your kid read faster while retaining 90% of the information, which is why we're certain you'll be thrilled with the results. However, if you're not completely satisfied within the first 15 days of your purchase, we'll refund your investment with no questions asked. Our aim is to ensure you and your child are entirely happy with your purchase and feel confident in your decision to join the program.

Here's what
others are saying

5k+ reviews

Don’t just take our word for it – see how Howard Berg’s revolutionary speed reading system has helped individuals around the world read faster, learn more, and boost their productivity.

"I have not yet completed the full program, but I was so excited by the results I have seen so far, so I thought I would reach out to Howard and let him know."
Morgan Fornell
Program Student
“I love how he explains why we are doing what we are doing in the exercises. I can see it. I trust our teacher. He knows what he is talking about.”
Stephen Forcey
"Howard Berg, regarded as the fastest reader is helping Kiara my daughter who is also a Guinness record holder to maximize her "natural learning ability"
Dr Mahendra
“how to learn or how to study. It gives an comprehensive guide and easy to do steps for different kinds of learning or mastery. "
Prakhar Prateek
“I like that he presents this step by step in a friendly coherent manner. Howard is an excellent coach and seems to really understand how the process feels for his students.”
Romy Yanagisawa
"My 10-year-old son has immensely benefitted from the course. He was not very fond of reading and would always pick the easiest books. I had a hunch from my own experience that it must be a tiresome effort for him to read books."
Nikhil Kothari

Frequently Asked Questions

After enrolling in the Speed Reading Genius program, you will receive access to the course material and can start learning immediately. You will also receive an email with instructions on how to log in to the member’s area.

It depends on the option you choose:

Yearly payment plan: access for 1 year, option to renew.

One-time/Installment plan: lifetime access, future updates included.

Yes, you can access the course content on any device with an internet connection, including laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

If your kid has any questions or concerns while studying the course, you can contact the support team at for assistance.

The Speed Reading Genius program uses scientifically proven techniques to train your kid’s brain to read faster and improve your comprehension skills. The course includes video lessons, interactive exercises, and practice materials to help them master the skills required for speed reading.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results of the program in the first 15 days. However, the success of the program depends on your commitment and effort to complete the course and practice the techniques taught.

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