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Are you TIRED of traditional learning methods that focus on MEMORIZATION rather than true UNDERSTANDING?

Do you find yourself PANICKING before EXAMS and STRUGGLING to recall crucial INFORMATION? You're not alone.

But what if there was a BETTER way?

A way to learn that is TAILORED to your INDIVIDUAL needs and EQUIPS you with the STRATEGIES and TOOLS you need to SUCCEED?

Dave Farrow's REVOLUTIONARY Memory Course does just that. With his approach, you'll learn how to TRULY understand and APPLY information, instead of just MEMORIZING it.

Say goodbye to PANIC and BLANKING out during exams - with this course, you'll be able to CONFIDENTLY recall crucial information and ACHIEVE your goals.

JOIN now and start EXPERIENCING the DIFFERENCE in your learning journey.


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Farrow Memory Program - Student Edition

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Media Spotlight

Who is Dave Farrow?


Dave Farrow is a 2X USA MEMORY CHAMPION  who has TRANSFORMED the lives of THOUSANDS of people worldwide. As a teenager, he overcame ADHD and dyslexia by discovering Memory Improvement Techniques and invented new methods for MEMORY and FOCUS.

The Farrow Memory Method™ has been scientifically proven effective through an independent DOUBLE-BLIND NEUROSCIENCE STUDY conducted by McGill University in Montreal. After just 20 minutes of instruction, users of Farrow’s method SCORED THREE TIMES HIGHER than the control group on clinical memory tests a week later.

Dave has worked with or been compared to CELEBRITIES, SPEAKERS, DOCTORS, SCIENTISTS, and fellow memory experts, including Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and Jim Kwik.


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20+ YRS



Here's What
Celebs Are Saying

"Dave you were great! We want you on the show again!"
The Early Show
"Dave is amazing! He’s like Rain man."
Valerie Pringle
Host, Canada AM
"Absolutely Incredible!"
Jay Ingram
Daily Planet & Discovery channel

7 weeks of Guided Learning

📖 Take a recognition test to evaluate your memory capabilities and identify areas for improvement. This will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, guiding you towards targeted memory enhancement.

📖 Unlock the secrets to improving and tripling your memory Explore practical tips and techniques that will empower you to remember information with confidence and boost your academic performance.

📖 Engage in a captivating visualization exercise called “Tiger In The Jungle.” This exercise will help improve your memory recall abilities through vivid mental images.

📖 Discover the power of creating strong visual associations to remember information effectively. Learn how to link visual cues to the material you’re studying, making it easier to recall later on.

📖 Explore the three key principles of memory – Visualization, Association, and Rarity. Understand how these principles play a vital role in memory formation and retention.

📖 Enhance your memory recall by using eye pattern cues. Discover how directing your eye movements in a specific pattern can optimize the retrieval of information, making it easier to remember.

📖 Gain insights into how memory works and learn strategies rooted in scientific research to improve your memory performance.

📖 Learn techniques to help you remember information both in the short and long term. Discover methods to retain information over extended periods and retrieve it when needed.

📖Explore different memory modes and learn advanced techniques to utilize them effectively. Understand how to adapt your memory strategies to different learning scenarios, optimizing your retention and recall.

📖 Embark on a memory journey with the Shadow Memory technique. Enhance your memory recall by forming associations and visualizations that strengthen your ability to retrieve information.

📖 Learn effective techniques for encoding text information, making it easier to remember during exams

📖 Challenge yourself with advanced techniques to enhance memory recall. 

📖 Discover how using substitute words or phrases can improve your precision and accuracy in remembering information.

📖 Unlock your language learning potential with specialized memory techniques. 

📖 Practice memorizing greetings in different languages and explore techniques for remembering historical facts like the first ten American presidents.

📖 Identify your preferred learning style and leverage it to enhance memory recall during revisions. Understand how aligning your learning style with memory techniques can optimize your memory performance.

📖 Try the Location Memory technique, which utilizes spatial associations to remember information effectively. Learn how to link information to specific locations, facilitating better memory recall and navigation.

📖 Gain valuable insights from Guinness World Record holders who have mastered memory techniques. Explore specific memory techniques, training methods, and mental preparation strategies to inspire your own memory journey.

📖 Break up your exam routines with pattern interrupts to enhance memory recall.

📖 Use the Journey Method – Groceries to remember a list of items.

📖 Learn the Peg List Technique and Alphabet Peg List for remembering lists of items and boost your grades.

📖 Learn the Farrow Number Method for remembering numbers, a useful skill for exams.

📖 Discover the Farrow Focus Method for improving focus and concentration, enhancing memory recall and reducing anxiety.

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Farrow Memory Student Course

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Access to the full 7 week program.


Free Bonuses - Unlock $885 worth of Bonus Material for FREE!


Global Learning COMMUNITY

Connect with a community of learners. Meet other students who share your interests and are committed to personal growth.


Number & Focus METHODS

This scientifically-backed approach enhances memory and focus by tapping into your brain's natural patterns. It's a game-changer for students who want to excel in their studies and understand complex topics with ease.


Genius AI Bot

MIND-BLOWING NEW FEATURE Take advantage of our cutting-edge algorithms and PERSONALIZED recommendations based on your learning style to ACCELERATE your learning and achieve BETTER RESULTS on your exams.



In this audiobook, Dave shares his proven methods for improving your memory and retention.



With our Genius Subscription, your learning never stops! Get fresh, easy-to-understand learning materials every week and month, plus free access to all future course updates. Jump in and let's grow together!



With this cloud drive, you will have instant access to Dave Farrow’s most valuable insights, tips, and latest techniques.


Genius IQ Test

Get a comprehensive insight into your cognitive abilities with our bonus Genius IQ Test! Identify your strengths, discover areas for improvement, and strategize your learning journey effectively. Take the first step towards a smarter you today!



Receive a printable digital certificate upon completion of the course and pass the final quiz.


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Farrow Memory Program - Student Edition

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Farrow Memory Program - Student Edition

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At Learning Genius, customer satisfaction is our top priority. That's why we offer a 15-day money-back guarantee for Dave Farrow's Farrow Memory Program.

We're confident that our program can help you improve your memory, but if you're not completely satisfied within the first 15 days, we'll refund your investment, no questions asked. Our goal is to make sure you're happy with your purchase and feel confident in your decision to join the program.

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others are saying

5k+ reviews

Farrow Memory has earned the trust of students worldwide. Our methods have transformed countless lives, empowering individuals to become genius learners.

" I didn't really believe that it would work, but with only 4 hours of studying an entire semester's workload, I aced my final with a 98%. It was simple and fun....Thank you! "
Dawn Shona Power
" I used all the techniques I learned throughout the academic year. And thanks to your program, I went to a GPA of 3.6 in the fall semester, automatically placing me on the Dean's List. I couldn't believe I achieved that jump just one semester. "
Claire Arretta
"I'm studying in honors science right now. I took the Farrow Memory course a few months ago and I've been listening to it on and off and it's really helped with schoolwork, understanding and definitely studying. She was a bit hesitant at first but definitely when you pick it up and start watching it, you can tell it's gonna help you for sure. "
Farrow Memory Graduate
"Dave, words can't express how much your Farrow Memory Program has meant to me in school. As a Graduate student, the workload is enormous. Before your program, I was struggling just to survive in school. Now, I'm scoring 90-100% on all my exams”
Mandy Aubert
"This course is just amazing! It strikes the perfect balance between being thorough and light-hearted, making learning a delightful and effortless experience. Highly recommended!"
Julia Johnson
" I used all the techniques I learned throughout the academic year. And thanks to your program, I went to a GPA of 3.6 in the fall semester, automatically placing me on the Dean's List."
Claire Arretta

Frequently Asked Questions

After enrolling in the Farrow Memory program, you will receive access to the course material and can start learning immediately. You will also receive an email with instructions on how to log in to the member’s area.

It depends on the option you choose:

Yearly payment plan: access for 1 year, option to renew.

One-time/Installment plan: lifetime access, future updates included.

Yes, you can access the course content on any device with an internet connection, including laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

If you have any questions or concerns while studying the course, you can contact the support team at for assistance.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results of the program in the first 15 days. However, the success of the program depends on your commitment and effort to complete the course and practice the techniques taught.

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