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How to Remember PINs, Bank Accounts, and Checking Numbers

How to Remember PINs, Bank Accounts, and Checking Numbers

Remembering PIN numbers or short sequences of digits is a common necessity in our daily lives. These numbers grant us access to crucial information such as locked cell phones, ATM machines, and gym lockers.

In this blog, we will explore various techniques that will enable you to hold larger numbers in your memory for extended periods.

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When dealing with small numbers like PINs or sequences consisting of four to six digits, we can employ the Number-Image System. This technique involves assigning a vivid image to each digit, allowing us to create memorable stories that aid in number memorization.

Step 1 : To implement the Number-Image System, assign a unique image to each digit

One: Imagine a towering lighthouse illuminating the night sky.

Two: Visualize a graceful swan gliding on a serene lake.

Three: Picture a trio of colorful balloons floating in the air.

Four: Envision a sturdy table with four legs supporting a feast.

Five: See a lively hand giving a high-five gesture.

Six: Imagine a dice rolling across a game board.

Seven: Visualize a lucky horseshoe bringing good fortune.

Eight: Picture a snowman standing tall with two stacked balls.

Nine: Envision a cat perched on a fence, ready to pounce.

Step 2 : To memorize a sequence of digits, string the images together to form a compelling story

For example, if your PIN is 7513, imagine a lucky horseshoe (seven) hanging on a door. 

As you approach the door, a graceful swan (five) glides by, carrying three colorful balloons in its beak. 

This story combines the images associated with each digit to create a memorable narrative.

The Major System

For larger numbers, the Major System proves to be a powerful tool. 

This technique involves converting numbers into sounds by assigning consonants to each digit. By transforming numbers into words, we make them more memorable and easier to remember.

Step 1 : To implement the Major System, assign consonant sounds to each digit

  • One: The sound “t” or “d”.
  • Two: The sound “n”.
  • Three: The sound “m”.
  • Four: The sound “r”.
  • Five: The sound “l”.
  • Six: The sound “sh” or “ch”.
  • Seven: The sound “k” or “g”.
  • Eight: The sound “f” or “v”.
  • Nine: The sound “p” or “b”.
  • Zero: The sound “s”.

Step 2 : Convert the digits of the number you want to memorize into their corresponding consonant sounds. Then, form words or phrases using those sounds.

For example, if you need to remember the number 6429, you can create the word “church,” combining the sounds “sh” (six), “r” (four), and “ch” (two), with an additional sound “ch” (nine). Visualize a church in your mind as a representation of the number.

The Memory Palace Technique

The Memory Palace Technique, also known as the Method of Loci, is a powerful method for memorizing large amounts of information, including numbers. 

This technique involves associating each digit or group of digits with a specific location within a familiar place, such as your home.

Step 1 : To implement the Memory Palace Technique, choose a familiar place and mentally walk through it.

Step 1 : To implement the Memory Palace Technique, choose a familiar place and mentally walk through it. Assign a specific location or object to each digit:

Visualize your living room: Imagine the number 7 represented by a cozy armchair, the number 3 by a vibrant painting on the wall, and the number 9 by a bookshelf.

Move to the kitchen and associate the number 4 with the refrigerator, the number 2 with the sink, and the number 6 with the stove. Finally, move to the bedroom and assign the number 5 to the bed, the number 1 to the nightstand, and the number 8 to the wardrobe.

Step 2: Mentally place each digit or group of digits in its corresponding location within your memory palace

For example, if you want to remember the number 74351286, imagine walking into your living room and seeing the cozy armchair (7) with a vibrant painting (3) hanging above it. Then, mentally move to the kitchen and visualize the refrigerator (4) with water flowing from the sink (2) and a sizzling stove (6). Finally, enter the bedroom and picture yourself lying on the bed (5) while reaching for your phone on the nightstand (1) and opening the wardrobe (8).

By associating each digit or group of digits with a specific location or object within your memory palace, you create a vivid and memorable visualization that helps you recall the number sequence.

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With the Number-Image System, the Major System, and the Memory Palace Technique, you have a set of powerful tools to enhance your ability to remember PINs, bank account numbers, and checking numbers.

By engaging your imagination and creativity, you can transform abstract numbers into memorable images, sounds, and visualizations. Experiment with these techniques and find the ones that resonate with you the most.

With practice, you will develop a remarkable ability to recall numbers effortlessly and confidently navigate the numerical landscape of your daily life.

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How to Remember PINs, Bank Accounts, and Checking Numbers
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